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The bottom line is that with the help of a special tool, a small scratch is made on the skin of Amoxicillin, into which a substance is introduced - an allergen. After 15 minutes, you can evaluate the result. In case of a positive reaction, the test site will turn red, there will be slight swelling and itching. Immunoblotting. This is an analysis of the reaction of human blood antibodies to molecules of an irritating substance.

It is carried out in laboratory conditions. Pretty accurate diagnostic method. Microscopic examination of smears. For this analysis, smears of mucous secretions taken from a patient during an exacerbation of allergic rhinitis are stained with special preparations and examined under a microscope. Allergen-specific immunoglobulin (IgE) test. A blood test for an increase in the level of class E immunoglobulins when exposed to various alleged allergen substances.

Provocative analysis method (rarely used). The patient is injected with a small amount of a substance that can potentially cause an allergic reaction. If the result is negative, the dose is gradually increased. Such a study is used only in stationary conditions.

If the disease is not treated, allergic rhinitis usually goes through a phase of change, over time, the allergy moves from the nose and eyes to the lower respiratory tract, leading to allergic bronchial asthma. As a result, allergic pollen will cause shortness of breath.


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In addition, many other complications can occur with hay fever, such as: asthma; itching of the oral mucosa, throat, ear; angina; cough; Amoxicillin skin reactions (eg, redness, swelling); problems with concentration; sleep disorders; impaired sense of smell, taste and hearing; general lethargy.

The main complication of this disease is asthma (suffocation attacks). Those who are allergic to pollen have a significantly higher risk of developing asthma than non-allergic people: in 80% of cases, asthma is preceded by an allergy. However, early treatment of allergic rhinitis reduces the risk of developing asthma. How to treat allergic rhinitis in adults?

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If the question of the treatment of Amoxicillin rhinitis has already arisen, the first thing you will have to do is change your usual lifestyle. Of great importance in any allergic diseases is the issue of reducing contact with irritants: when identifying signs of a negative reaction to food, it is necessary to strictly follow the diet and completely exclude those foods that are allergic; if a reaction to plant pollen occurs, it is recommended to avoid any contact with the allergen during its flowering season (walks in nature, trips out of town).


This set of measures will reduce the need for the use of chemical drugs.
During the period of exacerbation, coming home from the street, you need to immediately change clothes, take a shower, rinse your nose with isotonic solution. This is done in order to reduce the duration of contact with pollen, which could be brought into the house on clothes, body and hair of a person; if an allergic reaction to house dust is established, it is necessary to regularly carry out wet cleaning in the room.

t is also recommended to organize a hypoallergenic life: the absence of carpets, heavy fabric curtains and down pillows, the removal of all kinds of Amoxil collectors. It is necessary to use special covers for upholstered furniture and bedding, acaricidal (anti-mite) cleaning products; using household air purifiers is useful for both pollen allergies and in case of a reaction to house dust.


These methods are especially relevant in cases where it becomes necessary to treat Amoxicillin rhinitis during pregnancy. In this case, you need to take all possible measures to organize a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and hypoallergenic life.


Drugs intended to treat allergic rhinitis are primarily designed to relieve an allergic reaction and remove severe symptoms of the disease. Most often, these are general action antihistamines, produced in tablets or drops.


They are taken as prescribed by a doctor, usually once a day, for a long period (from 1 month). Among these drugs, second-generation drugs have proven themselves well: Cetirizine; Claritin; Zodak. and the third (Erius, Zirtek).

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They have a minimum of side effects, compared with first-generation allergy drugs (Suprastin). With a fairly mild form of the disease, one remedy from this list is enough to completely eliminate the symptoms.

These are drugs such as: Such medicines are used only as prescribed by a doctor. They are usually prescribed for mild to moderate severity of the course of the disease. Allergic rhinitis in adults is sometimes preferable to be treated with local remedies of this particular group so that systemic effects from a general antihistamine drug do not develop.